Shaw releases second sustainability report

[Dalton] Shaw Industries released its second annual sustainability report. Titled, “Where Sustainability is Personal,” the 2009 report offers a perspective on the company’s comprehensive sustainability commitment, focusing on the personal commitment to environmental and social responsibility shared by each and every Shaw associate. It also discloses key metrics for environment and social responsibility, and provides an inside look at Shaw’s continued drive towards Sustainability through Innovation – the Shaw Green Edge.

“Companies that willingly seek out and adopt new protocols for sustainable business today stand to make a difference now, and for generations to come,” said Vance Bell, CEO, Shaw. “We certainly believe private enterprise will be the driver of change in addressing the environmental and social challenges faced by today’s world, and our 2009 report demonstrates our commitment to making sure our products and practices meet the highest standards for human and environmental health, safety and responsibility.”

Shaw’s 2009 sustainability report includes more disclosures, more metrics and more data than the company’s inaugural 2008 report, according to Jeff West, director of sustainability and environmental affairs for Shaw’s commercial division. “Our annual sustainability reporting process has become a valuable tool for helping us evaluate our progress towards key goals and towards broader sustainability objectives,” West said. “As a result, we have been able to share more data this year than last – including expanded metrics for energy, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, water, and waste.”