Nydree Flooring is the parent company of PermaGrain acrylic impregnated commercial wood flooring. We are the manufacturer of the world’s largest wood floor installation, the Kansas City International Airport, which was installed in 1972. We are located in Forest, Virginia on land once owned by Thomas Jefferson. Our plant, in fact, is less than 5 miles from Jefferson’s famous summer home, Poplar Forest. We are customer and project focused and look forward to serving you through our global network of sales professionals.


Timeless Series 4 is the essence of the PermaGrain concept. It combines over 30 years of acrylic impregnation experience with state-of-the-art adhesion technology to create our fourth generation of engineered wood flooring.

Our newest line of natural hardwood flooring offers an impressive range of species, a wide variety of colors and a varied selection of formats — one of the most extensive collections available to the professional designer today.

Now, more than ever, it is truly easy to make the intelligent, timeless design choice…with Timeless Series 4, by PermaGrain.


The POWER and THE GLORY of acrylic impregnated flooring.

Remember what we said about starting with the world’s finest wood, then improving on it? Well, that’s acrylic impregnated flooring in a nutshell.

We force liquid acrylic into the pores of the wood, then harden it. That way, the finish is as deep and beautiful as the wood itself. It’s highly abrasion resistant, never requires re-finishing, and is easy to maintain.

Choose from multiple species, a striking array of colors, 3 plank widths in both random and fixed lengths, plus accent strips, and even custom colors.

LIFETIME Wear Warranty. LIFETIME Defects Warranty. UL Classified for slip, and full ADA compliance.


BEAUTY to tame the savage maintenance BEAST!

Tough, yet beautiful? Can you have it all? Absolutely!

Take one part hand-selected premium hardwood veneer. Mix in three parts solid vinyl backing, plus a dash of fiberglass screen for stability. Add a unique bondable back. Top off with textured clear solid vinyl. Cut to order, install quickly, use immediately. Enjoy for years!

Ideal for restaurants and specialty retail shops. Hospitals and nursing homes. Residential kitchens or baths.

Select from a wide variety of species, colors and patterns for an almost endless variety of design possibilities.

10-Year Wear Warranty, plus LIFETIME defects warranty. UL classified for slip, with full ADA compliance.

Seeing and feeling is believing! We carry all PermaGrain Hardwood Floor samples. Visit our Showroom.